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Take me out to the ballgame....

Swing Batter, Batter SwingBatter, batter swing

Batter, batter swing

             With the RIGHT BAT!



Bat Rule Changes for Boys Baseball. This will be effective this year. If you are playing 7 year baseball and up   you would need to purchase a bat based on the new rules.

Old Bats for 7 & up Boys Baseball WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN LEAGUE OR GRPA PLAY. If you play Travel Ball and have a 2 5/8" bat it will not be legal for league play either UNLESS it carries THE NEW USA BASEBALL LOGO. This is a new National Rule regarding Baseball Bats.

Please pay close attention to bats that are on sale and make sure they have the correct markings on them with USA BASEBALL. Many distributors are lowering the prices on older bats in hope to move them prior to Christmas. The Old Little League or BBCOR Bats will not be legal for ages 7-12. The Older league right now will use BBCOR Rule for `14 & Up.

Here are some links you might find helpful:Approved Bat List: 

About USABat: https://Bat: 

Look for the USA Baseball logo on the taper of a bat to know it is approved. Approved youth bats are 27” – 32” with barrel diameters up to 2 5/8”. Approved tee ball bats are 26” and shorter