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This REAL LIFE treasure hunt is truly inspired from Charlie and the Chocolate factory!

Here's whats happening:

David "the Candyman" Klein came up with the idea for the Gold Ticket.

He's about to retire from the jelly bean business, and is doing this contest as a fun way to end his career.


  1. They are hiding 1 golden ticket in every state, and you have to purchase the clue they will give you in order to be considered a participants. There are only 1000 participants allowed per state! You can purchase the clue HERE. 
  2. Georgia's clue will be released to participants on September 30, 2020. So sit tight, and as soon as you get the clue, start hunting! The golden ticket is a gold colored dog tag necklace, engraved with "golden ticket" and a bunch of numbers. Your job is to find this necklace!
  3. Once you find it, email them and tell them where, and what the code on the necklace is!
Of course there is a PRIZE!!
The winner that finds the "golden ticket" in each state will receive $5000!
Then, the winners from each state will be eligible to participate in the Ultimate Treasure Hunt to win one of his Candy Factories!!! He is a REAL LIFE WILLIE WONKA!

For more details, check out the gold ticket website to get involved:

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