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2020 is coming to an end, which means it's time to throw 2021 a birthday party!

Below is a simple timeline of events to keep you busy and have fun as you countdown to MIDNIGHT!

6:00 PM Year in review! Click HERE and you'll find a questionnaire about 2020! Wrap up the year with a summary on how it went!

7:00 PM Hang balloons! Label them 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12! Make sure to pop them every hour, on the hour! Make it extra fun and pour glitter & confetti inside of them before you blow them up!

8:00 PM Make party hats! Supplies and inspiration for party hats can be found HERE.

9:00 PM Board games & card games! This is bound to keep you busy until MIDNIGHT! A few of my family's favorites are: Catan, Monopoly, Phase 10, Exploding Kittens & Unstoppable Unicorns. All are kid friendly!

10:00 PM Stay awake! Bake some cookies and make a dessert platter for your New Years crew to devour.

11:00 PM FINAL HOUR! Start getting your plan ready for what you'll do at MIDNIGHT! Many cultures believe that waving money, wearing certain colors, and eating certain foods as the year turns will bring good luck! Challenge yourself to try as many of them as you can to ensure that 2021 is the best year yet! New Year's traditions can be found HERE!

12:00 AM HAPPY 2021! Say goodbye to 2020!!

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