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Obstacle Course CONTEST

Submit your videos by Friday, August 14!

This challenge is for the creative and sporty kids!

The objective is to design an obstacle course AT HOME with materials you already have laying around.


Step 1: Your family can help you. Build your obstacle course with any material you already have at home. This could be wood, chalk, tires, cones, a pool, the stairs, a jungle gym, sports equipment, a barrel, you can even include your horse... GET CREATIVE!

Step 2: After you've planned and designed your obstacle course, have someone record you completing it!

Step 3: Parents: email us the video! There will be TWO winners, one boy & one girl. Our office staff will judge the videos based on creativity and difficulty.

Email your entries to:

You have until Friday, August 14, 2020 to send us your video. We will announce the winners August 17th!

The winners will receive a new book bag!

If you have any questions, call our office at 478-277-5060

or email us at


Silas Kight

River Kight

Lennox Walden

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