I encourage you to go to your phone's app store, and download StarView Lite.

This app shows you exactly where stars are located in real time.

DID YOU KNOW: Sometimes you can see stars during the day? Many days you can even see the moon while the sun is out!

Tonight, I challenge you to go outside and look for constellations. These are groups of stars that actually make pictures. Downloading the app StarView Lite will help show you exactly what the picture is suppose to be.

My personal favorites are the big and little dipper. They're probably the easiest constellation to spot every night!

Have you ever noticed that one star that looks red? That's actually MARS! Anytime you see a star that looks a little different than the rest, open up the StarView Lite app, hold the phone up to the star, and it'll tell you exactly what it is! You'd be surprised what planets you can actually see without a telescope.


We want to see you guys participating! Take photos as you complete our activities and tag us on Facebook, or email them to us!


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