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Facility Rules – Southern Pines Regional Park in Dublin, GA

  1. Southern Pines is an active park; be alert at all times!
  2. Watch for vehicles.
  3. DLCRA assumes NO responsibility for damage to personal property.
  4. Adults should always supervise their children.
  5. NO glass containers or bottles allowed.
  6. NO alcoholic beverages allowed.
  7. NO bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or inline skates are allowed in spectator areas.
  9. No overnight parking.

Lightning Detection

Southern Pines Regional Park is equipped with an exceptional lightning detection system.

All participants and spectators are expected to take cover and all games must be stopped.

Tournament Directors or umpires cannot over-ride the order to stop play and clear the fields.

The detection system is centrally located on top of the Southern Pines Water Park building – a siren will sound and strobe will begin to flash. All games must stop until an all clear is sounded, which is 3 blasts from the siren and the light will stop flashing. You may resume your game as the fields become ready to play. This is for the participants’ safety. We ask that you please comply – lightning is nothing to discount!


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