Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, and Track!

    Baseball & Softball

    Ages 4-14

    Softball registration is in December.

    Baseball registration is in January.

    Our baseball program is now Dixie Youth! The age control date for boys is May 1, 2022.

    Softball age control date is January 1 of the current playing year.


    Ages 4-14

    Registration is in July.

    The age control date is September 1st of the current playing year.

    Track & Field

    Registration is in February.

    Ages 7-12

    The age control date is December 31st of the current playing year.

    Practices are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at the East Laurens Track. (Near Primary School, by baseball fields).


    Ages 5-12

    Registration is in July.

    The age control date is September 1st of the current playing year.


    Ages 6-12

    Registration is in November.

    The age control date is September 1st of the current playing year.


    5th Annual

    Middle Georgia Futbol Club


    Sponsored by LEGACY SPORTS


    I hope you guys will join us for our fifth Middle Georgia Futbol Club (MGFC) 6v6 Soccer league in Dublin, Georgia

    6v6 is a great skill developer, requires a fewer number of players to form a team, keeps your players in soccer shape and fitness in the off-season, and is also a great way to have fun and continue to play competitive soccer.

    This will be our fourth year with the Dublin Laurens Co. Rec. Authority. For more information, please email Mrs.

    Kay Hughes at hughesk@dlcra.org or Jessica Mulls at mullisj@dlcra.org you can also call (478) 277-5060


    Location: Southern Pines Sports Complex: 575 Southern Pines Rd, Dublin, GA 31021

    Dates: June 2nd thru July 26th Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays-Matches begin 6pm, 7pm, & 8pm.



    Boys Varsity-This league is recommended for the experienced, male high school player (Age 15 -18 as of July 30th, 2022. Rising 9th graders and rising 12th graders should be in this division.)

    Girls Varsity-This league is recommended for the experienced, female high school player (Age 15-18 as of July 30th, 2022 Rising 9th graders and rising 12th graders should be in this division.)

    Boys Middle School-This league is recommended for male players ranging from 11-14 years of age

    Girls Middle School- This league is recommended for female players ranging from 11-14 years of age.

    Adult Coed League- This is for any past players or people that want to try the sport out. FIRST YEAR. (HS graduates up to any age willing to play.)

    "If a player does not fall under the age brackets listed above but wants to participate, please contact me.


    Format: Two 25-minute halves on a regulation 6v6 field. Each team is guaranteed 7 games. Weather permitting.


    Teams: Each team can have a maximum of 10 players on their roster. If a player doesn't have a team and wants to play, please contact me for team placement. As we are playing during the summer and people go on vacation, it is

    recommended to have a full roster.

    T-Shirts: Each team will receive T-shirts with a distinctive 6v6 color and logo (Team set). Need sizes by May 18"

    Entry Fee and Deadline: $550 per team-due in full by Monday, May 23th, 2021

    *We cannot guarantee your team a place in the league if the entry fee is not paid in full by June 1st. NO teams will be placed on the schedule or allowed to play unless their fee is paid in full.

    Registration: Completed forms and fees must be mailed to:



    PO Box 689

    Dublin, Ga 31021

    *Checks must be made payable to DLCRA.

    **You can also contact me directly for drop off options.


    MGFC 6v6 Game Rules

    1. Equipment - Shinguards must be worn during matches with long socks completely covering the

    shinguards. MGFC 6v6 team t-shirt must be worn.

    2. No foul language will be tolerated.

    3. No offsides.

    4. No Slide tackling

    5. Goalkeeper -NO PUNTING! Keeper must throw or roll the ball out. Keeper must wear different shirt

    from his team or a vest over team shirt.

    6. Direct and indirect free kicks will be used in matches. Opposing players must give kicking team 6 yards

    from ball. Penalty kicks will be taken on fouls determined by referee in the penalty box.

    7. Substitutions can be made by either team on any dead ball as long as it's not used as a delay tactic.

    Player coming in must be standing at half-line.

    8. Kickoffs can be played backwards.

    9. Games can be played at 5v5 if a team does not have enough players and both team captains agree.

    Each team must have at least 5 players present to begin match play and for match to count as legal. Less

    than 5 players present for match will result in a forfeit.

    10. Matches will consist of (2) 25 min. halves with a 5 minutes halftime. It is at the referee's discretion to

    shorten a match if it may be getting dark or inclement weather.

    11. Only team captains will be able to address the referee on any dispute or question. RESPECT MUST BE

    GIVEN TO THE REFEREES AND DO NOT QUESTION THEIR CALLS. If a referee has a problem with a player,

    it could result in ejection from a match. If a player has a problem with a referee, then he needs to discuss with league director.

    12. Scoring for matches: Win = 3, Tie = 1, Loss = 0. If 2 teams end the season tie in points, then goal differential will be the 1st tiebreaker. If still tied, Goals For will be the 2nd tie breaker.

    13. Any other rule of play not specifically mentioned in these MGASL rules will follow USSF rules and regulations of play for soccer.





    All Dublin-Laurens County Recreation sports have an age control date in place.

    Kids will be placed in age divisions based on the age they would be on September 1st of that same year.

    Baseball's age control date is different due to Dixie Youth rules, which will be May 1st of that same year.

    Track & Field's age control date is December 31 of that same year.

    DLCRA Refund Policy

    After a child is chosen for a team there will be NO cash refund.

    If a child is injured before the regular season special consideration may be given for credit of the registration fee to future athletic programs offered by DLCRA.

    The Executive Director on a case by case may consider unusual refund requests.